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Former Grasshopper composer, ex-Capcom staff join Mikami's Tango


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Shinji Mikami is putting that Zenimax money to good use, adding three new members to his Tango Gameworks team. The biggest name among the new acquisitions is Masafumi Takada, former Grasshopper Manufacture composer, and the man behind the soundtracks for Killer 7, God Hand, No More Heroes, and recent Platinum Games releases Infinite Space and Vanquish.

Environmental artist Naoki Katakai and programmer Shinichiro Ishikawa, both of whom worked on Resident Evil games with Mikami in the past, have also joined the team. You can read bios of all the new staffers, and see drawings of them with nosebleeds, here.

Tango also opened an art blog, which currently features the grisly image seen above -- a possible first look at the studio's new game.

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