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Mad Catz reports record Q2 sales, led by Tritton peripherals


Mad Catz is a bunch of Happy Catz today, announcing record net sales of $37.4 million in its fiscal Q2, which ended in September. That's 73.2 percent higher than Q2 of last year. Operating profit was $1.9 million -- another record, and obviously preferable to last year's negative $200,000.

Xbox 360 sales accounted for the largest percentage of sales, 37 percent in all. PS3 sales grew one percent, and everything else shrunk in proportion. The biggest-selling category of items wasn't FightSticks, as might be expected, or even Modern Warfare 2-branded controllers -- it was audio products, including those made by new acquisition Tritton. Specialty controllers were the next best sellers.

"While second quarter net sales benefited from initial shipments of Rock Band products and our recently acquired Tritton gaming audio line," said Mad Catz president Darren Richardson, "it's important to note that, thanks to our strong portfolio of new products across all our brands, we would still report growth for the quarter if both those product lines were excluded from our sales."

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