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Newest Final Fantasy XIV dispatch clarifies the value of stats

Eliot Lefebvre

Final Fantasy XIV players have been facing something of an issue when it comes to the game's statistics and its playstyle. It's not hard to guess at what three of the six physical stats do, but the three more magic-oriented stats have been a bit of a mystery, and the effect that any of the stats have on activities such as gathering or crafting has been even less clear. Fortunately for players, Square-Enix's renewed commitment to player communication has led to the most recent dispatch on the official site covering exactly what each stat does, what each one costs to raise, and how many points you can expect to spread between stats at the level cap.

Aside from simply clarifying the effect that each stat has on combat, the latest article goes into depth on which disciplines make the heaviest use of which stat. All three gathering classes, for instance, use one of the mental stats and one of the physical stats, while crafting classes use different stats depending upon the tool utilized. Players who are working their way through Final Fantasy XIV would be well-served to take a look at the full article and start considering how they want their stats arranged, especially considering that reassigning them only takes a little extra effort on the player's part.

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