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One Shots: It's dangerous to go alone

While One Shots is generally full of bright, vivid scenery, some folks find other vistas can catch their eyes and fire up the imagination. Today's murky, shadowy area was captured recently by a reader who likely felt the oncoming storm offered visual interest and mystery. This image comes to us from Gabe C. who stumbled across this scene in Final Fantasy XIV and writes in to tell us a bit more about it: "[I] had just logged on to do some levequests on my little Thaumaturge. When I got to the camp, I was stunned by the site of Ul'Dah in the distance during a sandstorm. Everything in this game continues to amaze me."

If you'd like to share your adventures from time to time, we're always looking for regular contributors! All you have to do is email a screenshot to us here at along with your name, the name of the game, and a note to tell us what's going on in the image. To become a regular submitter, just send your pics in every so often and keep us in the loop on what you're up to. We'll post your images out here on Massively and give you the credit for sending them in!

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