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Rock Band 3, Joy Ride and Apache: Air Assault demos arrive on XBLM


Beyond the twenty trillion other games coming out weekly at this point in the year, you might be worried about how you'll fill your weekend? Maybe? Okay, okay -- for the one or two of you with some extra gaming time right now, several new demos have landed on Xbox Live Marketplace: Apache: Air Assault, Joy Ride (requires Kinect) and Rock Band 3.

Assuming your home entertainment center is equipped for maximum gameage -- by which we mean you have no less than three televisions and three Xbox 360s before you -- you can now experience what it's like to juggle being a rock star, a race car driver and a simulation helicopter pilot at the same time -- without having to commit to such an impossible lifestyle. Or you could play one demo at a time ... we guess ... but where's the fun in that?

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