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PlayStation Move Racing Wheel adds mass to your motion


CTA Digital continues its domination of all PlayStation Move accessories with the release of the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel with stand. As you can see above, the wheel comes with a slot across the center to store a Move wand, thus making you feel as if you're using a plastic wheel rather than one, you know, made out of air.

We kid, actually -- the grip can instead hold a DualShock 3 (with SIXAXIS!) controller, so if you want to use it for tilt steering rather than motion control, you can do that as well. The wheel also detaches from the stand if you'd rather just hold it by itself. And we don't know how cheap it is yet, since there's no MSRP listed. For more information (and a chuckle at the expense of some poor commercial actors -- "COOLER!"), head after the break for a promotional video.

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