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Ben Heck modifies Toshiba Satellite for cramped flights, throws TSA the peace sign (video)

Sean Hollister

So what has technology modder extraordinaire Benjamin J. Heckendorn come up with for his Ben Heck Show this week? Why, a laptop designed to fit on a airplane tray table, thanks to a special swiveling screen. The Coach Section Laptop is a modified Toshiba Satellite with aluminum arms affixed to either side, with slots down the middle upon which the screen's pegs slide. Thumbscrews then tighten to keep the display in place in either of two modes: the standard laptop configuration, or the floating display-over-keyboard setup you see immediately above. Ben himself admits that we're looking at a rough proof of concept for now, but we imagine he'll have a seamless variant on eBay before long -- just as soon as he can figure out where to put that precariously dangling display cord. Video after the break.

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