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Bad Company 2 getting updated BC1 maps (and more) in VIP Map Pack 7


It may have taken six map unlocks before DICE got to it, but the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 developer announced this morning that VIP Map Pack 7 will include four new(ish) multiplayer maps: Heavy Metal, Cold War, Oasis, and Harvest Day. If the latter two maps sound familiar, it's because they're updated versions of maps that appeared in the original Bad Company -- handpicked with the community in mind. "When we ask for your favorite maps from Battlefield: Bad Company, Oasis and Harvest Day always come out on top," the DLC's announcement reads. As with previous map packs, the DLC will be free for VIP members only (VIP access is free with new copies of BC2, $15 otherwise).

Outside of a handful of (relatively minor) tweaks noted on the Battlefield blog, the biggest change to the maps will be the addition of Bad Company 2's "Destruction 2.0" system and enhanced graphics. Check out the first shots of the revamped maps in the gallery below and look for a more in-depth exploration of Heavy Metal this Wednesday. Hopefully Wednesday will bring news of a release date as well.

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