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Flying Hamster takes off on PS3 & PSP December 7


The Flying Hamster is undoubtedly one of the cutest Minis available on the PlayStation Network, and one of the few that are worthwhile to play on the PS3, in addition to the PSP. We've written quite a bit about this indie shmup, and it finally has a North American release date and price: December 7, for $5.99. The game is already available on the European PlayStation Store.

For the uninitiated, The Flying Hamster plays like almost any other shmup: collect power-ups, and shoot at enemies using either a rapid or charge shot. What makes it so unique is its collection of power-ups and enemies: you can spit a stream of beer at cows, for example. Or launch a swarm of bees at ninja squirrels. Or drop some egg bombs on some evil toaster robots. Seriously.

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