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More jobs cut from Fallen Earth

It's always heartbreaking to hear of a company's being required to lay off staff, especially so when it's in a game one really enjoys. Fallen Earth, long a favorite with a handful of the staff members here at Massively, has just laid off three very well-known and well-loved members of its team. The impacted members who have been laid off today are Producer Dave "Archangel" Haydysch, Marketing Director Jessica "Circatrix" Orr, and Director of Content Development Wes "Canticle" Platt.

We reached out to the team over at Fallen Earth, LLC/Icarus Studios for an official statement about the layoffs, considering we saw the last round of layoffs and restructuring in April this year. While there are no greatly illuminating details to the reply, today's announcement, coupled with the prior layoffs, doesn't generally bode well for this gritty indie MMO. For those curious about the team's reply, we've posted it behind the break.

Hi Wastelanders,

In order to maintain ongoing production and expansion of
Fallen Earth, we have reshuffled some of our management team. As a result of these recent events, Canticle, Archangel and Circatrix are no longer with us.

As a small indie developer,
Fallen Earth stands by our fans and we assure you that your game play experience will not be compromised by the recent events.

We will continue to deliver new content as development on
Fallen Earth continues. Additionally, all community events will carry on as usual-please keep an eye out for our November State of the Game, slated for early next week.

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