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Windows Phone 7 review: Earthworm Jim HD


You'll want to like Earthworm Jim HD. The Windows Phone remake of the classic SNES-era platformer retains the same immature humor and charm as the original, but features updated graphics that make it look like an almost-modern game. With the addition of Xbox Live Achievements and an updated soundtrack, Earthworm Jim HD has almost everything going for it.

Well, except the ability to play it. Like other poorly conceived first-generation touch-based phone games, Earthworm Jim HD uses a virtual D-Pad that, frankly, doesn't work. Add some poorly laid-out buttons (seriously -- can you even tell what these on-screen buttons refer to?), and you have a game that is a total mess. Considering the precision demanded of a game like Earthworm Jim, this game is simply unplayable. If you manage to get past the first level without smashing your phone apart, you deserve an Achievement.

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This review is based on a retail Samsung Focus provided by Microsoft and AT&T.

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