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Bad sign, good deal: Enslaved for $25 on Amazon

Justin McElroy

For those who haven't bought Enslaved: This morning, you have a great opportunity to get on at the bottom floor of this exciting new IP, thanks to a killer deal on Amazon that'll net you the first game in the series for just $25. Hurry, and make sure you're prepared for the next step in this exciting franchise!

For those who own Enslaved: OK, we're not going to lie to you. This isn't a good sign. We know what we told those other guys, but we have no idea if there's going to be another Enslaved. It certainly doesn't look good, does it? But if we're going to get the sequel we so richly deserve, we'll have to convince others that there's still hope, and that might require us saying some things we're not strictly proud of. If you don't have the stomach for it, we assume you can find the door.

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