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Documentary filmmaker takes on MMORPGs

Jef Reahard

As popular as World of Warcraft has become, we almost take it for granted that everyone on the planet is familiar with (or has at least heard of) MMORPGs. Despite the fact that gaming has become relatively mainstream over the last few years, MMORPGs remain mysteriously inaccessible to portions of the populace, and filmmaker Ben Gonyo aims to change all that with a new documentary called Gamers.

Gamers sees Gonyo immerse himself in MMO subculture for the better part of two years, and features interviews with over 100 gamers, designers, critics, psychologists, comedians, and celebrities -- including Curt Schilling and R.A. Salvatore. The film is currently airing on the Documentary Channel on both DISH and DirectTV, and you can check out various previews and trailers at the film's official website, as well as after the cut. Finally, be on the lookout for a Massively review in the near future.

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