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GameStop expects Black Ops launch day to be 'the biggest' in history

Hey, buddy -- how're you feeling? Perhaps a little fatigued, due to your late-night odyssey to your local games retailer to grab a hot and fresh copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops? According to GameStop merchandising senior VP Bob McKenzie, you probably did just that. In a recent interview with Gamasutra, McKenzie explained that he's "convinced it'll be the biggest launch that we've ever had, that the industry has ever seen."

McKenzie attributes his claim to the unprecedented number of pre-orders the game has pulled in, as well as a general consumer interest shown by GameStop shoppers. He added, "I think it's a loyal fanbase for the franchise and [Activision has] done a great job of really getting out in front of it and really making this an event." Yeah, like a gamer holiday! Thanksgunving! Gunnoween! Gunchristmas?

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