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Hasbro making 3D goggles for iPhone

Sam Abuelsamid

The whole 3D movement may now have officially jumped the shark with the introduction of the My3D from Hasbro. The idea of sitting in front of the living room TV and wearing a pair of goofy glasses in order to see an artificial reproduction of the real world is bad enough, but we really can't see many people going for My3D.

Think of the US$30 My3D as a 21st century answer to the old View-Masters that many of us had as kids. Instead of slipping a disc with seven pairs of color transparencies into a slot, the My3D has a slot that can hold an iPhone or iPod touch. Viewing content in 3D will require custom content available through apps that you buy on the App Store. It's not clear if the 3D content will take the form of View-Master-style side-by-side stereoscopic images or more modern digital 3D with polarized lenses in the device. Given the relatively low cost, it's probably the former.

The Hasbro My3D is currently set to go on sale next spring with content available from DreamWorks, Discovery, Sony, and IMAX among others.

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