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Mech your voice be heard in Mega Man Legends 3 Project


Having picked a new character design, the next step in Capcom's democratic process for the 3DS Mega Man Legends 3 Project has fans designing a new mech for Tron Bonne. In a somewhat rambling discussion posted on Capcom-Unity, director Mazakazu Eguchi and assistant director Yuji Ishihara discussed a potential introduction scene for this robot, in which Mega Man is about to acquire treasure deep within a ruin, and the Bonne family bursts through the ceiling in this robot.

You have some time to think of your perfect robot design -- Capcom will open its Devroom for your submissions soon. In addition, if you're not familiar with the series or the Bonne family, the blog post has bios of all the Bonnes. Though if you're that unfamiliar with Mega Man Legends, what are you doing contributing?

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