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Scribblenauts headed to Japan as 'Maxwell's Peculiar Notebook'


Konami has agreed to undertake the arduous task of translating Scribblenauts into Japanese. On January 27, Konami will release 5TH Cell's DS adventure game as "Flash Puzzle: Maxwell's Peculiar Notebook." ("Fushigi" means anything from "strange" to "mysterious" -- we've gone with Andriasang's translation here.)

Ironically, it seems to be a localization of the first Scribblenauts, which means it'll lack the sequel's adjective function, making it impossible to create a "mysterious" notebook in-game. But Konami already has to translate the 22,000 word dictionary for this (budget!) release, so it's understandable. It's probably been working quietly on the game since before Super Scribblenauts even came out.

No screens were released, so we don't yet know if any cosmetic changes were made to the game, nor how text entry is handled.

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