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Take a two-week MMOcation: Lineage reactivates lapsed accounts for new update


It may be an oldie, but Lineage shows no sign of slowing down in its middle age. In fact, NCsoft is on the verge of releasing a mega-update and is throwing open the doors to all previous Lineage players from the past decade-plus to give it a whirl.

On Wednesday, November 10th, the new update will be released in conjunction with a two-week period of reactivated accounts. From the 10th through the 24th, all previous Lineage players will find their accounts dusted off and unlocked for their gaming pleasure. Getting back into the swing of things is fairly simple, too: All one needs to do is just log in.

The succinctly named Tikal + Antharas update features a new dungeon (Tikal) as well as the first-ever raid dungeon for the game (Antharas). The patch notes show that there is plenty of content for everyone of all walks of play, as the update offers new pets, a revamped dungeon, plenty of additional items, and resting XP for higher levels.

You can read the full announcement as well as an account reactivation FAQ over at the Lineage website.

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