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TERA reveals second race and class series installment, achievement info

Jef Reahard

En Masse Entertainment is back with another carefully rationed dose of TERA information that manages to stave off our withdrawal pangs -- even if it isn't the large-scale expose we'd like. This time around, TERA's North American publisher presents a brief look at the game's achievement system as well as the latest installment in the ongoing race and class series.

Join us after the cut for a bit about the Amani race as well as the Lancer class. Don't forget to check out the gallery of new screens below and the Lancer-focused video after the break. Finally, look for Massively's exclusive TERA lore reveal later this week.

Gallery: TERA Race and Class series | 41 Photos

Achievements in TERA: Heightening the Player Experience

Typically, MMO gamers play with the goal of leveling-up, acquiring the best items, and completing quests in order to craft the ultimate character. TERA expands upon this basic player experience with a richly designed achievement system that offers fresh challenges and unexpected rewards. Players can garner acclaim through a wide variety of achievement types, including exploration- and quest-based achievements, PvP achievements, statistical achievements (such as the number of potions consumed or the number of deaths), and even social achievements like talking to every NPC in the game!

In addition to the enriched gameplay, TERA's achievement system also deepens and expands the game's story. Achievements provide players the ability to relive plotlines, story settings, and character information-previously experienced by playing through quests and reading NPC text-in a whole new way! As players continue to gain levels and delve deeper into the story, they unlock corresponding story journals one by one, further expanding the rich lore and story of the world of TERA.

Featured Race: Amani

"They aren't gonna stab themselves!" -a common amani exclamation

The descendants of dragons, the amani (ah-MAH-nee) are identifiable by their considerable stature, and reptilian features and skin. Enslaved by conquering giants and freed by the goddess Kaia with the help of the castanics, the amani value freedom above all things. They are naturally watchful and slow to trust, but having earned their trust, you will have it until you prove faithless. You really don't want to do that.

Amani are direct in speech and action, honest, candid, and somewhat imperious. They are usually respected, often admired, sometimes feared. No one doubts they will say what they mean, do what they say, and make life very hard on their enemies.

Featured Class: Lancer

Key attacks in the lancer arsenal are Lance Charge and Onslaught-powerful moves that drive deep into enemy formations. Along with ever more powerful combo attacks, high level lancers boost the defense of party members, weaken their foes' armor, and draw aggro from all parts of the battlefield, establishing themselves as a dynamic and necessary part of any group.

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