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Turbine revamps LotRO crafting window, simplifies Farmer recipes

Jef Reahard

Fancy yourself a Lord of the Rings Online crafter, or perhaps a purveyor of pipe-weed? Well, put down that Longbottom leaf and take a look at the latest LotRO dev diary, as it contains quite a bit of information on the forthcoming tweaks to the game's tradeskill system.

For starters, you'll be greeted with a revamped crafting window that's leaner, meaner, and considerably larger, allowing for a bigger recipe list on the left and more recipe information on the right. In addition to layout changes, you can now click the "Increase Craft XP" button and go directly to the LotRO store, where you'll find new crafting acceleration scrolls available for purchase. These scrolls will boost your output by 25 to 50 percent depending on which you select, and you can also pick up new ingredient packs to replace your normal crafting consumables.

Finally, the Farmer profession has undergone a few changes, chief among them a simplification of seed ingredients (for example, the recipes for Cauliflower Field and Green Onion Field now call for the Expert Crop Seed sub-component rather than separate ingredients). Turbine has also tweaked Field Recipes, first by reducing the number of seeds for all recipes from five to one, and second by changing the output of all recipes to only produce good crops.

For a full list of the changes and additions, visit the official site.

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