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Breakfast Topic: What do you do when you don't do anything?

Matthew Rossi

I have a very strange habit. I like to read while I wait for heroic queues. More accurately, I deliberately queue as DPS and not as a tank so that I can read in between instances. I'll read a few chapters, run Halls of Stone, read a few more chapters, run Halls of Stone again, finish the book up and switch to a new one. Hey, Halls of Lightning! Nice! Oh, Terry Pratchett, if only I could take my warrior to Koom Valley instead. I guess Pit of Saron will have to do.

I'm not entirely sure why I actually enjoy the wait for a DPS slot in a random dungeon. I used to run as a tank, but frankly, I can't run more than two dungeons that way because the queue keeps instantly popping and I keep clicking and next thing I know an entire day is gone and my mouth is dry and I have no idea where I am. Queuing up as a tank or healer (not that I currently heal all that much) is like sitting down with an entire bag of peanut butter cups. Yes, I will eat them all. Yes, they are delicious. And yes, I'm gonna get a stomach ache.

On the other hand, the DPS queue, while it means I'll get a lot fewer points, tends to be much more digestible for me. Run a dungeon, queue up for the next one, go get a drink (maybe use the bathroom) and settle down for a nice 10- to 15-minute piece of me time.

I know some folks really hate the queue. Some even heal or tank when they don't want to or know how to, just to avoid the wait times. Me, I really like those periods of lull between the action. How about you? Do you always have to be doing, or do you take some time and not do anything?

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