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Capcom counting on 2M sales for MvC 3, accelerating R&D change after Inafune departure


Capcom has high hopes for two major titles lined up for the second half of its fiscal year. The company expects the Japanese release of Monster Hunter Freedom 3 on PSP to move a whopping 3.6 million units which, given the portable series' sales history, isn't unreasonable. Capcom also expects to move 2 million units worldwide with the release of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 in Spring 2011.

The publisher also stated that the departure of Managing Corporate Officer Keiji Inafune has accelerated the company's overhaul of its R&D organization. Originally planned for the next fiscal year (starting April 2011), the shift will attempt to adjust for the "unprecedented period of volatile change" occurring in the industry. The company views "social networking service" games as a business opportunity and plans to "swiftly form an organization and formulate strategies to address" changes.

The company also did some other executive shuffling to streamline its R&D to "enable Capcom to adapt to markets that are becoming increasingly larger and more complex."

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