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Global Agenda getting new mercenary PvP maps, high level PvE content

Jef Reahard

If you're concerned that Hi-Rez Studios might abandon its Global Agenda MMO in favor of the recently-announced Tribes Universe, you can rest easy. In an interview with Lorehound, Hi-Rez executive producer Todd Harris announced several exciting additions coming to Global Agenda over the next few months.

First up is the 1.39 patch, which will bring several new mercenary PvP maps to the team-based shooter. After that, the game will be getting its first shot of downloadable content which will focus primarily on high-level PvE content. "It will contain some PvE open zone content, new themed weapons, a new PvE defense mission, and our first 10-person PvE offensive aid. A 10-person team will be able to infiltrate a hive colony node and fight new Recursive Colony bots and bosses," Harris said.

He goes on to state that Hi-Rez will be releasing similar DLC expansions every four to five months going forward. Check out the good news over at Lorehound.

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