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Iwata says 3DS will beat 3DTVs to mass market


A lot of the scuttlebutt we've been hearing about 3D and video games has been centered around 3DTVs (and this week's Call of Duty: Black Ops release has been impressing some folks with 3D-enabled televisions), but Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata says that if anything ushers 3D out of the movie theaters and into the household, it'll be the 3DS. He told the company's investors recently that "people in Hollywood currently do not believe that 3D television sets will be able to spread into ordinary households with rapid speed. I have the impression that they see Nintendo 3DS as a strong candidate to become the very first 3D device to be able to spread into the mass market in massive volumes."

Really, the president of Nintendo thinks the 3DS will be popular? No kidding, tell us another one. But Iwata also said that developers around the world have shown "much stronger interest" in the 3DS than its old dimensionally-challenged cousin, the regular Nintendo DS, did at its own launch. So maybe by next March, we'll all be seeing things in 3D at home. Wait ... without glasses, we mean. No, wait ... aw, you know.

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