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Jabra rolls out Stone2 on November 21st, just as UFO-like as the original

Chris Ziegler

Bluetooth headsets look strange enough hanging off your ear as it is, so why not maximize the shock factor? Jabra's Stone is equal parts strange and elegant, and it would appear that the newly-announced Stone2 is making no attempt to diverge from that formula. Apart from some minor tweaks, the overall curved design and matching charging dock appear to be largely unchanged from the original model, but the Stone2's claim to fame is the fact that it's now a completely touch-free experience to use: if a call comes in, you just say "answer" or "ignore" and the phone will do your bidding. Never mind the fact that the people around you at the coffee shop are more convinced than ever that you're talking to yourself, we suppose. Look for it in AT&T stores on the 21st of this month for $129.99.

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