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Off-season Madden suiting up for 3DS launch


There will be no rest for Madden following the February 6 confetti drop at Cowboys Stadium. As the league and fans celebrate (and/or curse) the new Super Bowl champ, drawing the 2010–11 season to a memorable (and/or forgettable) close, EA's tireless football franchise will quickly suit up for a rare off-season appearance as Madden NFL Football for 3DS. The publisher today announced the title as part of the handheld's launch lineup in the first half of 2011.

Though not an official Madden 11 release in name, the 3DS game will certainly play like one, as it includes this year's time-shaving GameFlow system, in addition to the paired-down 5-on-5 mode that has become a staple in the series' Wii iterations. Of course, EA reminds us that Madden NFL Football will be unique in that the gameplay and features "jump off the screen with 3D graphics," not to mention the supposed utilization of "the remarkable power of the Nintendo 3DS Touch Screen."

We know what you're thinking -- but, no, EA has somehow muffed the perfect opportunity for a true "Madden" mode. Why play football, when you could sit back and telestrate it? And, hey, if that mic's not a means for blurting (and/or babbling) your own Maddenisms into the game, then what's it there for? C'mon EA, this is Madden football, remember!

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