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Rogers, Telus already selling BlackBerry Bold 9780

Chris Ziegler

Look, T-Mobile, don't feel bad -- Americans usually get scooped on new BlackBerry launches by their friendly neighbors to the north! RIM's a Canadian company, after all -- and as is frequently the case, the new Bold 9780 is seeing launches on both Rogers and Telus several days ahead of T-Mobile's retail go-live in the States. It'll run you CAD $149.99 (about $150) on Rogers and CAD $50 less -- CAD $99.99, that is, or about the same amount in US currency -- on Telus, so you can pretty much figure out who's trying to be the value brand here. Interestingly, if you go contract-free, the roles reverse: Rogers charges you CAD $449.99, while Telus asks CAD $499.99. Go figure!

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