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The iOS 4.2 preview show, today on TUAW TV Live


Fortunately for those of us who are easily amused, Apple's operating system updates seem to be scheduled just far apart enough to make each release seem like Christmas Day. We anxiously await for the release to show up like kids waiting to open a special present, we tear open the box (in this analogy, we load the new OS), and then we're torn between excitement for our new toy and disappointment that it's usually not everything we has wished for.

Well, today I'm going to try to whip up some excitement about iOS 4.2. We've said a lot about the new release here on TUAW, and many other Apple sites have covered it in detail as well. But for those of you who need a refresher course in what's going to be new and exciting, join in our live streaming video and chat with the other TUAW readers who show up here every Wednesday afternoon.

How can you join in on the fun? From your Mac or PC, go to the next page by clicking the read more link at the bottom of this post, and you'll find a livestream viewer and a chat tool. The chat tool allows you to participate by asking questions or making comments.

If you're driving somewhere and would like to watch TUAW TV Live while you're stuck in traffic, please don't -- keep your eyes on the road! However, if someone else is doing the driving, you can watch the show on your iPhone by downloading the free Ustream Viewing Application. (I'd also appreciate it if someone could try out the new Skyfire Browser to see if that works for watching the show)

We haven't neglected our iPad users, since you can tune in to TUAW TV Live on your iPad! That link will send you to a non-Flash page, although you won't have access to our chat tool. And one final note -- if the show has started and you're seeing a previously recorded show instead of the livestream, you can always pop on over to to join the show in progress.

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