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US Cellular: LTE trial in late 2011, full deployment in 2012

Chris Ziegler

Though fellow regional carrier MetroPCS has been arguably the most aggressive carrier in all of North America in getting LTE live, it looks like US Cellular is taking a slightly more laid-back approach. At a conference in New York today, USCC's CFO announced that they're looking at deploying one LTE test market in the latter part of 2011, moving on to a full-force launch in 2012. In the same breath, he mentioned that they'd be interested in making a deal with a company like Clearwire or LightSquared that would give them access to more spectrum for 4G (or make that 4G-like) services, but that they're not "feeling a sense of crisis or urgency" on the matter -- in other words, let's not everyone switch over to US Cellular at once when LTE goes live, lest the network spontaneously melt into the Earth's crust.

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