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WoW Moviewatch: How to win at guilds


I was wondering when the ineffable Wowcrendor would turn his wry eye for the WoW guy toward one of the most basic social structures of the game: player guilds. And now, he's delivered on that hope with How to win at guilds. This machinima is classic Wowcrendor style, which is another way of saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

I think it's interesting how many archetypes Wowcrendor has developed over the span of his career. Certain characters and tropes have become nearly instantly recognizable to the audience. A good example of this is "Gogogo" guy. We know the character, understand the joke, and respond to the whole meaning instead of simply this isolated appearance. It's a testament to how successful Wowcrendor has been, and I look forward to seeing how he grows that dialogue with his viewers in the future.

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