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Comcast adds Showtime to Xfinity TV online


Almost immediately after expanding its Xfinity TV online services by 150,000 titles, Comcast has announced with Showtime that over 400 hours of the channel's series and movies are now also available via the portal for paying Showtime subscribers. If you aren't keeping Dexter-like tabs on the we-offer-more-content-than-you cable playground banter, this partnership is a first for Showtime and a killer feature for Comcast. In fact, combined with their Starz, Encore, and older HBO and Cinemax online streaming deals, Xfinity TV will now also go down in the annals of history with another first as the only online destination to offer all of the major premium content providers under one cozy URL. As much as we're all for establishing records though, we'd still encourage Comcast to brainstorm on additional ways to keep paying customers -- that is, if it wants to avoid earning another title for losing the most subscribers two quarters in a row.

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