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Gorillamobile revised for iPhone 4

David Quilty

The other day I was editing some very shaky video taken with an iPhone 4, and I suggested that the owner pick up a tripod -- so this is pretty good timing. Made just for the iPhone 4, JOBY designed the new Gorillamobile with an included bumper case (which stays on your iPhone) that slides into a rail attachment on the tripod itself. The rails work in both portrait and landscape modes, and they don't add any more weight to the phone than a regular case. Seriously, if you are going to take video for more than a few seconds, do your viewers a favor and pick up a tripod; they will thank you for it later. And if you never got your free bumper case from Apple, this may be a good way to pick up a case AND a new tripod for US$39.95. Click "Read More" to check out a video of the Gorillamobile.

[via Engadget]

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