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LA Noire 'first trailer' is here, coming 'Spring 2011'

Update 12:02pm – We've got the trailer embedded just past the break. Does it look like the original 2006 trailer below it? Not really. The most notable addition: color. The slick black-and-white aesthetic has been replaced with bright colors, not unlike other LA-based noir tales, like Chinatown and LA Confidential. And while you're watching it, get a load of those facial animations. Kind of freaky, right? We can't tell if they're perfect or terrifying, but we're leaning towards the former for now.

And perhaps the most notable addition to this "first trailer" is the release window: Spring 2011. That's just a few short months away, folks. Expect to be hearing a lot more about LA Noire soon ... or not. This is Rockstar we're talking about.

Original post – Heads up: The "first trailer" for Rockstar's open-world crime caper, LA Noire, is scheduled to appear in just about an hour from now. While Rockstar calls this its "first trailer," some of you may think back to the CGI trailer released back in October 2006, almost exactly four years ago.

Watch that old one after the break and check back shortly for the new stuff.

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