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Octodad: A free indie game about a loving father who is also a secret octopus

If we've learned anything from our bi-weekly viewings of Cheaper by the Dozen, it's that fatherhood is a pretty tough gig. There's so many tasks related to keeping your offspring alive, healthy and happy -- but imagine how much more difficult those tasks would be if you didn't have any bones. Or hands. Or if you had six-too-many legs. Or if you were covered in suction cups. Or if you tasted delicious when deep fried and covered in red wine and tomato sauce. Oh yes. Yes please.

Sorry, we lost our train of thought. The scenario described above is the basis of the latest onus from the DePaul Game Development program (the group behind last year's excellent indie gem Devil's Tuning Fork), a 3D adventure title called Octodad. The game's as free as it is bizarre and charming -- but if you're reserving your precious bandwidth until you can be sure of its capacity to win your heart, you can check out a trailer after the jump.

Just look at him waddle around, trying to mop. We love you, Octodad.

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