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Sharp brings quartet of phones to India, maintains some of their Japan-ness

Chris Ziegler

Think this phone looks like a device destined for the Japanese domestic market? Not quite -- its manufacturer is Japanese, but this puppy's an export. That's right: Sharp has announced four phones that'll be going on sale in India later this year, ranging in price from Rs. 6,499 up to Rs. 17,999 (about $146 to $404). Cheapest is the Blink, a simple clamshell with dual SIM support; stepping up a notch is the Alice, a low-end full touchscreen phone. Up another notch from that, though, is where things start to get interesting: pictured above is the awesomely-named Cyborg, featuring the pivoting clamshell design made famous in Japan with a 3.2 megapixel camera on board. Finally, you've got the Tango, featuring 3G support -- 3G is just starting to go live en masse in India, remember -- and a 5 megapixel camera. Hard to say whether any of these would sell in the US, but heck, we wouldn't mind if Sharp gave it a shot.

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