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DCUO performs magic in Madame Xanadu's shop


It's time to fly through the DC Universe Online, again. This time we are visiting a magic shop. As any DC fan would know, Zatanna is the illusionist and magician for the Justice League. Born a Homo Magi, this super-heroine is naturally tuned to performing magic and sorcery, not to mention being the daughter of the renowned magician Giovanni Zatara. Unfortunately, this isn't enough to stop her from being captured by Felix Faust.

In the action MMO created by Sony Online Entertainment, the legends of the DC Universe call upon you to help the citizens and -- in this case -- the superheroes of the world. Wonder Woman has discovered that her friend and colleague Zatanna has been imprisoned by Faust in Madame Xanadu's Magic Shop. Even though you are a newly found hero -- only level four -- Wonder Woman believes you are up to the challenge of taking on the mystical powers of Faust and his Magents.

We have an exclusive sneak peek of the first mission as a level four magic hero. Catch the video teaser after the break, then catch the preorder options at

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