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FIC launches 10.1-inch Windows 7 Tycoon tablet, prices it at $660

Tim Stevens

Way back at Computex, a little orange tablet brazenly called the Tycoon seared our retinas and won our hearts. Now it's going on to charm early adopting tableteers everywhere. Well, everywhere in Taiwan, anyway, with maker FIC indicating it will sell its first tablet on Saturday, priced at NT$19,800. That equates to roughly $660 American, for which you'll get a 10.1-inch model with Windows 7 installed on a 120GB HDD, powered by an Atom N455 processor with 2GB of memory. The OS is said to have been adjusted to make it more finger friendly, though we don't have any details on exactly how, nor do we know when this little guy might be making an appearance outside of Taiwan. We just hope they kept the tangerine sheen.

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