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iAds helping all mobile advertising take off?


The Wall Street Journal is reporting on an interesting effect of Apple's iAd platform -- it seems to be helping the competition.

Just a few months after being announced, iAds began appearing in the U.S., and a global launch began earlier this month. Meanwhile, Apple and the Denstu Group signed a deal to bring iAds to Japan. All of this activity has garnered a lot of attention for the mobile advertising space in general, and several providers are seeing greater sales.

" executives say Apple's entry into the market is giving them a boost," the Journal reports. "That's because iAds has gotten big marketers to pay attention to mobile advertising in the first place."

Of course, the only evidence of a correlation is anecdotal. It's quite likely that Apple's high-profile entry into the space has generated interest, but we haven't seen empirical data to support that theory. Still, Apple does bring a bit of cachet and sexy to mobile marketing. The true test will be to see who's still standing in 5 years.

[Via AppleInsider]

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