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Lifetime subscriptions fly back to Champions Online


Look up there! In the sky! No, don't look directly at the sun, you fool! See there? At 3 o'clock? It's a bird... perhaps a plane... or maybe the return of lifetime subscriptions to Champions Online! It's been more than a year since Cryptic has offered the pay-once-play-forever deal, but now it's back.

It may seem odd that the company is bringing back lifetime subs on the verge of a free-to-play launch, but Cryptic sees this as offering players a full array of services: a normal sub, a lifetime sub, or the F2P experience. Additionally, Cryptic is sweetening the deal by including a number of goodies, including a Foxbat pet, the full digital version of the game (so if you haven't done so already, you do not need to buy a copy of Champions to play it), costume pieces and access to the game's VIP lounge.

For players who would rather pay once and then not have to worry about fees in the future, Cryptic is charging $299 for the lifetime sub. You can read more about it over at Champions Online.

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