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New version of The Incident offers glimpse of world where Apple TV is the console, iPhone is the controller


We love us some big fancy grown-up consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360, but ever since we saw the new Apple TV we've been wondering what would happen if Apple gave it the App Store and let developers go wild. Surely the results would look a lot like the video above. The developers of The Incident are showing off the upcoming 1.3 build of their ultra-addictive falling objects platformer, which allows for an iPhone to control the game while it's running on an iPad, which is in turn outputting video to the TV. Of course, The Incident guys aren't the first to think of this, we actually saw an SNES emulator running on a jailbroken iPad months ago, and plenty of other apps use the iPhone as a controller. Still, it's some pretty great execution, and the iPad video out seems to be key. Still seem tame to you? Imagine the OnLive iPhone app up and running on this thing. Mind = blown, right? Right.

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