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The Daily Grind: Does game currency matter?


They say that money makes the world go 'round, and this used to always be true in RPGs. Without solid bank, your character would be swinging a cardboard sword at enemy dragons and weeping from the humiliation. But once you performed enough virtual muggings, you'd be rolling in dough and able to equip the very best gear and weapons.

It struck me the other day that MMOs used to be more like this as well -- that the acquisition of gold, platinum or credits was a necessity to fund your character's gear. Older titles, like Anarchy Online, still function under this premise. However, it seems to me that with the rise of usable dropped loot, the value of money has decreased to the point where vendors are, in fact, a joke. Even stranger is the rise of alternative currencies in MMOs for decent gear that are gained through specific tasks instead of just picking it up off any old mob.

So does game currency matter to you? Is it there merely for a few pricey items (i.e., money sinks like mounts) or do you feel it has more purpose? Do you see some MMOs that give more worth to currency over others? Do you focus your time on building up wealth, or is money merely for travel costs and repair bills?
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