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A tale of two Persona 2s


Persona 2 is getting a flashy makeover in Atlus' upcoming PSP remake. As evidenced by this still, the updated RPG is oozing with style. But, pretty cinematics aren't the only new addition for the upcoming release. Siliconera has a terrific gallery, comparing the PSone original with the upcoming PSP port. The added detail on the sprites is immediately noticeable, as is the newly implemented widescreen presentation. Special effects look a bit crisper, as well

Some of the changes are not just cosmetic. The battle UI has also been updated, letting you see the upcoming turn order and the emotion gauge during demon negotiation. Siliconera adds that "Innocent Sin has cut-in screens when you use sync skills, a feature not in the PsOne release."

Unfortunately, Atlus has yet to announce the game for US release. Perhaps Atlus needs more time to figure out what bonus items to package with the UMDs?

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