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Flee recreates classic 80s LCD handhelds on Android


Do you remember playing with those classic LCD handhelds in the 80s? Tiger and Nintendo's Game & Watch provided us with hours of simple handheld gaming. It's a far cry from the gaming available on today's portables, but it was the best we could get back then.

Developer Frugal Games wants to capitalize on nostalgia with its first self-published release: Flee, for Android. "We tried to recreate the feeling of playing an LCD handheld from the 80s," the developer told us. "But we didn't want to just emulate. We created from scratch a new and original game that adds updated gameplay and contemporary game design." There are some cool, subtle touches in the game. For example, the virtual device gets dirtier the more you use it. You'll also see the screen distort when you press the screen. Classy!

The game is currently available on the Android marketplace for one Euro. There is a free "Lite" version as well, one that includes fewer levels, fewer songs and is more prone to getting virtually dirty. It's certainly one of the most clever ways we've seen a developer try to convince players to upgrade to the non-free version. Check out a video after the break.

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