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Apple to offer youth workshops at select stores


Apple will host holiday-themed workshops for kids ages six to 13-years-old this month. Topics will include photos, videos and presentations. That sounds just swell, but the bad news is that the workshops will take place at a very limited number of Apple Stores.

Only 12 stores are participating, including some in Colorado, Florida, Michigan and New York. You can find the full list here. The number of workshops also varies from store to store. For example, Colorado's Flatiron Crossing Apple Store has just one, 90-minute workshop listed, while New York City's Upper West Side store lists six over four days.

Unfortunately, I'm out of luck here in Massachusetts as there aren't any listed. Selections probably depended on each store's typical traffic and number of trained staff, among other things. If you're lucky enough to attend one of these, have fun and let us now how it goes.

[Via ifoAppleStore]

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