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iAd will launch in Europe this week


Shortly after the Japan iAd deal was sealed, Apple is rumored to be ready to launch iAd in Europe this week. The Financial Times reports that a number of very big brands are already on board, and that Apple will make the announcement later this week. L'Oréal, Renault and Nestlé are reportedly among the early adopters.

Apple has twice delayed the European roll out of iAd, the Financial Times suggests, because agencies are balking at the US$1 million minimum meant to attract top names. One anonymous advertiser said that many still see iAd as "experimental," and are hesitant as a result. "Clients don't really take [iAd] that seriously yet," he said. "It goes in the experimental category, along with most of the rest of mobile advertising."

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal suggests the opposite; Apple's efforts have given an across-the-board boost to mobile advertising.

Good luck to Apple and its partners in Europe.

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