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Pulito, the Lego Mindstorms swiffer-bot that seeks out electricity (video)

Sean Hollister

You could certainly buy a ready-made robot to sweep your hardwood floors, but doesn't building your own out of Lego bricks sound like loads more fun? That's what PlastiBots did with the Pulito pictured above, a Lego Mindstorms NXT sweeper with a host of sensors to navigate around furniture and a standard Swiffer pad to scrub. There's no fancy NorthStar or Celestial navigation packages to keep the bot on track, so it meanders about much of the time, but there is an fancy infrared beacon on the robot's charging dock to guide the creature home. When the Pulito's running out of juice from a long, tiring session of painstakingly traversing your floors, it's programmed to automatically seek out that invisible light and receive a loving 12 volt embrace from the station's brass charging bars. See it in action after the break, and hit our source link for more.

[Thanks, Dave]

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