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Task system adding 250 free quests to LotRO


What, exactly, is a "task"? Aren't all MMO activities tasks in some way? And why does the word "task" get stranger the longer you look at it?

The task system, hinted at by Lord of the Rings Online's devs over the past few weeks, has stirred a lot of curiosity and speculation in the community. LotRO's Allan Maki whipped up a recent dev diary to clarify the system and outline how tasks are different than standard quests and the epic storyline.

Tasks, grabbed by players off of bulletin boards located around Middle-earth, are short collection quests that involve looting a set amount of specific "vendor trash" items from mobs. Typically, these drops were merely sold for coin, but now players have the option to turn them in for XP and deed progression. Task deeds, once maxed, will award players with special items like cloaks. However, as Maki explains, tasks are limited by level, meaning that higher-level players cannot pick up and complete low-level tasks.

While the task system looks to be in testing for a while longer, Turbine is excited to add 250 of these mini-quests to the game for all players, both free and subscriber. You can read the full dev diary over at LotRO's website.

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