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Warhammer's Verminous Horde patch coming on November 18th

Jef Reahard

BioWare-Mythic has set the live date for Warhammer Online's 1.4.0 patch (otherwise known as The Verminous Horde) as well as for the availability of the game's new RvR packs. All three updates will take a bow on November 18th, with the patch comprising a free update for all subscribers and the Progression and Personality RvR packs commanding $10 price points in the EA Store (or $15 for the pair).

The 1.4.0 patch brings a new capture mechanic to WAR's open RvR gameplay, four playable Skaven classes, and a high-level Skaven-themed dungeon called Thanquol's Incursion. The Progression Pack gives you an accelerated leveling bonus, 20 more renown ranks to grind, and new gear options. The Personality Pack brings the ability to restyle your avatar in a variety of ways including new dyes, surgeon tokens, vanity pets, and a mount. Check out all the details at the official site.

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