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Breakfast Topic: Rest in peace, Mankrik's wife

Kelly Martinez

This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the Aol guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

"... she held off three of the bristlebacks by herself ..."

Yeah yeah, Mankrik. Gimme my quest!

"Please ... find some sign of my wife."

Woah ...

Lost in Battle was the first quest I came across that caused a personal, deeply emotional reaction in me. I love the lore and was devouring the story as I went along. Quests had made me cry, laugh, and say out loud, "How in the...? No!" That was as an observer who was loving the story, though. Mankrik's quest made me hold my husband a little tighter that night and tell him I love him a little more. Sure, I admit I've giggled at a cleverly timed "Mankrik's wife" punch line or two! I'm not going to claim to be above that. But I've looked at Mankrik standing there, a proud orc pushed to the point of begging strangers to find his wife, and then looked across the room at my own husband. It's not something I can laugh at then.

The first thing I did with my Horde death knight after turning the letter in to Thrall was run down to the Crossroads for that quest. My Alliance RP character has found the body and mourned the death of this unknown orc who was so badly beaten, and she has lamented not knowing who she could possibly go to about this. I've worried about losing Haggle and Mankrik's wife in Cataclysm. At least now I know Mankrik's wife -- excuse me, Olgra -- will finally be laid to rest. I've read what the moment says and cried. If you Hordies see an awfully friendly dwarf coming through with a bear, /cheering animals, I'm just on my way to pay my respects again.

Which characters/quests have hit you really hard? Is anybody else worried about Haggle?

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