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MacBundles invites customers to 'Build Your Own Bundle'

Sam Abuelsamid

Ever since the success of MacHeist, it seems like resellers offering bundles of applications at heavily discounted prices are proliferating. MacBundles has an interesting new twist: a la carte application bundles. Just like buying a CD that has a few songs you really like along with a bunch of filler, the same is usually true for these packages of apps. But at MacBundles, you can now get a full slate of a dozen apps for $50, or if some of the choices don't strike your fancy, you can select as few as five to create your own bundle.

Customers who opt for five or more programs will pay just US$5.95 for each application, a price that drops to $4.95 per if you buy ten. Of course at that latter price you are already paying the same price as the full package of twelve, so you may as well just get them all. Given the discounts on these packages, it's usually worth just buying the whole thing even just to try out the apps. The current offering is available only until November 28.

[via Macworld]

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